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Hyde Park Center for Sleep Disorders Chicago

If you’re having difficulty sleeping, you are not alone. Often patients visit us when sleep feels unrefreshing. Other common symptoms including general lack of energy, difficulty concentrating, daytime sleepiness, and forgetfulness. All of these symptoms lead to a decreased quality of life for you.

Our amazing team headed by Dr. Naveed Mallick has years of experience diagnosing and treating over 25 types of sleep disorders.

Living life constantly tired isn’t fun, we have the right equipment to diagnose and fix your sleep issues. We’ll take you from waking up tired and groggy to refreshed and with energy to tackle the day.

“Getting quality sleep is really important. If you’re feeling tired during the day you’re probably not sleeping properly. Hyde Park Center for Sleep Disorders mission is for you to live a better life with better sleep”

Naveed Mallick

Board Certified Sleep Medicine Specialist

Most Common Sleep Disorders

If you’re not getting good sleep you’re not living your best life.

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We are here for you

Our Process

We’re here to help you get better sleep. Here’s our 4 step process to make sure that we cover all of the bases.

Medical History

Dr. Mallick will begin each evaluation by looking in depth at your medical history. He'll ask you questions about your sleep and habits that may uncover more serious underlying conditions.

Physical Exam

Dr. Mallick will then perform a physical exam to see how your body is performing and to help rule out any physical ailments that could be causing sleep issues. Your vitals will also be checked out including weight, heart rate, blood pressure.

Sleep Testing

A sleep study may be performed which can help provide a better look at what your sleep actually looks like. Your brain waves, oxygen, heart rate and breathing will be monitored as well as eye and leg movements.

Intervention & Solutions

Dr. Mallick will typically make a diagnosis and begin suggested a treatment or intervention that will lead towards the outcome of better sleep so you can live a better life.

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